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5 libraries to know in Bogota, Colombia

  • Today I show you 5 libraries to know in Bogotá, Colombia. Bogotá city is an important cultural and gastronomic destine in Latinoamérica. In the cultural aspect you have a many options to find entertaiment and knowledge, in this city you can find about 30 public libraries, build whit beautiful structures are a great support to citizen and tourist. Further frequently offer a varied cultural and academic samples like concert, plays and diferent free shows.

    No. 5 Biblioteca de La Creatividad.

    Located in the south of the city, in Ciudad Bolivar is beautiful project powered by Iván Triana, he is a librarian, this place is a library but is a lab of entrepreneurs also, he support to thousands of children who need a good hand in their process.

    More info: http://www.biblioseo.org/web/index.html

    Contact: ivan.triana@biblioseo.com

    No. 4 Public library El Tintal.

    Located in the west of the city, is a big library and offers information services as well as cultural shows and basic courses for childrens and youngs. Formerly was a old trash plant.

    More info: https://www.biblored.gov.co/bibliotecas/biblioteca-tintal

    No. 3 Public Library Julio Mario Santo Domingo

    Located in the north of the city, is the bigger library in the zone, has a theater, game room, children's room and more 600 seats to read. 

    More info: https://www.biblored.gov.co/bibliotecas/biblioteca-julio-mario#

    No. 2 Public library El Tunal Gabriel García Márquez

    Their name is by the park where it is located and for the only one Nobel Price in literature in Colombia. A modern structure combined betwen concret and wood make it a beautiful building which big green areas and landscapes.

    More info: https://www.biblored.gov.co/bibliotecas/biblioteca-gabriel-garcia-marquez

    No.1 Library Luis Ángel Arango 

    It is a most bigger library in Colombia, offers a big cultural sample like pictures of the best artists, museum, cinema, millions of books and diferent concerts.

    Thanks for read.